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      Motorcycle Shock Hardware

      Motorcycle Shock Hardware for custom Harley and Triumph Builds Motorcycle Shock Hardware Lowbrow Customs carries an assortment of motorcycle shock mounting hardware to help you mount your shocks safely and securely to your motorcycle. Your motorcy...
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      Motorcycle Shock Hardware FAQ

      How do I know when shock absorbers need replacing?
      There are many indicators that let you know your shocks are worn out and need to be replaced. If you notice your bike bottoming out when you hit a bump, or if you notice the rear of the bike bouncing, that means your shocks are not working like they should. If you notice oil leaking from the shock, or when you collapse the shock and it does not spring back, your shocks need replaced. Any of these indicators let you know that your shocks are worn out.
      Can I drive with a broken shock mount?
      It is possible to drive with a broken shock mount, but it is not recommended to do so. A broken shock mount on one side of the motorcycle means that all the rear suspension is now transferred to one shock on the back of the bike. This can cause issues with controlling the motorcycle and will eventually lead to breaking the other shock mount, which can lead to a crash. You also need to make sure that you have enough clearance for the rear wheel to turn without rubbing on the fender or any other part of the motorcycle.
      Are shock bushings universal?
      Shock bushings are not universal. Different brand motorcycles use different shock bushings. Typically, the same brand of motorcycle will use the same size bushings, but this is not a rule. If you need to replace your shock bushings it is best to look up the correct size for your application.