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      Vintage Triumph Parts

      BR7ES Spark Plugs BR7ES Spark Plugs
      18 reviews $3.95
      BR8ES Spark Plugs BR8ES Spark Plugs
      8 reviews $3.95
      Whitworth 8 pc Combination Wrench Tool Set by Rolson Whitworth 8 pc Combination Wrench Tool Set by Rolson
      55 reviews $45.94
      Brass Float Bowl Drain Plug for Amal Carburetors Brass Float Bowl Drain Plug for Amal Carburetors
      15 reviews $7.95
      Triumph Patent Plate with Rivets
      6 reviews $10.97
      Hug the Turns on Your Next Cruise with Lowbrow Customs Aftermarket & Custom Vintage Triumph Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Building a vintage Triumph® motorcycle is a labor of love and there are a few of us here at Lowbrow Customs that have...
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      Vintage Triumph Parts FAQ

      What type of bolts are used on Triumph motorcycles?
      Vintage Triumphs used Whitworth thread hardware on much of the bike, as do other vintage British cars and motorcycles such as Norton, BSA, Jaguar, MG and others. It can get confusing in 1968 Triumph started using a combination of Whitworth and standard (UNC, UNF) thread hardware on their engines and chassis. In addition to the threads being different, Whitworth bolts also have different size hex heads than standard hardware. Speciality Whitworth Tools, including sockets, wrenches, taps and dies, are available to be able to work properly on vintage British vehicles.
      What year is my Triumph motorcycle?
      The serial (VIN) number can be found on both the engine and the frame that show the model, year, and sometimes even the month of manufacture of your bike. You can determine the year of your vintage Triumph motorcycle by referencing our Triumph Motorcycle Engine & Frame Serial Numbers guide. .
      Why are Triumph motorcycle accessories so expensive?
      Companies that produce replacement and custom parts for Triumphs (and other vintage bikes) are spending a lot of time and energy developing and manufacturing parts that sell to a limited clientele. This tends to drive the price up, as smaller quantities of Triumph parts are sold compared to, for instance, windshields for late-model Harley touring bikes.
      How to make My triumph bonneville faster
      One way to make a motorcycle faster is by increasing it's horsepower. Increasing displacement by installing a big bore kit is one way to do so, as is having a high-flow air filter and exhaust system. Carbureted bikes can be tuned on a dyno to accurately test and fine tune a motorcycle to get the most power available.
      How to make My triumph bonneville louder
      Making a Triumph louder can be acheived by simply removing baffles from the stock mufflers, replacing them with aftermarket, free-flowing mufflers, or by running straight (no restriction such as baffles) header pipes.